My Journey Back To Malaysia

November 16, 2011

Never ever do last minute packing! I've learnt my lessons. LOL. I only starting packing 2 days before I fly and realised I have so many things to buy, then overweight and etc. Even on the night I'm leaving Dunedin, I went out to buy stuff in the morning. Haha. It's kinda "chi gek".

Anyway, I left Dunedin taking Knight Rider at 9.40pm on the 14th of November 2011. I try to make myself as tired as possible in the day so that I could sleep in the bus. But, I still can't sleep in the bus. I travelled with Jamie, Aaron and Lexie. I don't know Aaron and Lexie but Jamie is boyfriend's friend so boyfriend said he felt more safe if I travel with someone he knows.

I reached Christchurch Airport around 3+ in the morning, on the 15th November 2011. It is not as cold as compared to Dunedin.

I believe Christchurch is really pretty before it was destroyed by the earthquakes.
Knight Rider bus collecting our baggage
a lot of people were sleeping at the airport
I was hungry so I ate udon salad that I bought from Dunedin.

Luckily boyfriend told me to buy foods to bring to Dunedin because foods at the airport are crazily expensive. =____= I tried to sleep at the airport before I was woken up by the guard saying that we couldn't sleep at the waiting terminal anymore as the airport is now open. It was around 5.30am.

Jamie, Aaron, Lexie and I were hanging out at the airport waiting for our flight which will be flying off at 4.10pm. 13 hours of waiting for flight was not fun at all. We're really tired. We just ate foods, walk around just to keep us awake.
Had sandwiches for breakfast

We were really scared that our luggage might be overweight so we just wanna make sure we're not.
Hand luggage maximum 7.0kg. I just had it maximum LOL.
I only bought 15kg checked-in luggage. I was actually overweight but luckily we travel in group, I put my stuff at Lexie's.

Finally after check in, and went on the plane, I felt so much better.
Pre-ordered meal when I bought the tickets.
Nasi Lemak! It wasn't that bad actually :)
can't wait to reach KL :)
Although AirAsia seat is kinda small, it's not THAT bad. Maybe because I'm kinda tiny.
our second meal
Chicken be honest, it's kinda disgusting. Makes me wanna puke =_=
I was sleeping, watching drama, listening to music, talking to Jamie who sits next to me for 11 hours before I reached KL. I would say it wasn't really a good flight journey for me because there's this 1 kid (about 3 years old?) Was crying the whole journey. It was horrible =.=
Finally reaching KL makes me feel so excited!
My mom was so happy to see me that she hug me straight away
my dad went to pick up the car while my elder brother is at home rushing his assignment so only had this picture taken with my mom and my younger brother
My Korea friend, Flora was stopping by KL for 1 day so she's gonna stay in my place and I'm gonna bring her travel around KL tomorrow!
My mom still look the same. Pretty as always :)
My younger brother, who is having SPM tomorrow still came and pick me up. Nawwwww
And how can I forget my little toy poodle, Hippy? I miss him sooooooo much! I miss my bed too! My mom bought me original Hello Kitty queen size bed sheet (RMXXX) just to welcome me back home.

I felt so warm. I love my family

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  1. Your mum love you so much. Enjoy your holidays.

  2. Yes :) I love her too! Happy Holidays :D

  3. Your mum looks like your sister, if you didn't mention that she was your mum. So young! :D Glad that you're back safe!

  4. Haha No one believes she's a mom. I want to be as pretty as her haha. :)

  5. hi liki! i just started reading your blog today and i m studying in Otago too! and after reading this post, i realised i took the same flight back as yours too! haha what a coincidence. have a wonderful holiday in malaysia :)

  6. Really? Nice :) We could meet up in Otago someday haha :D Have a great time in Malaysia too!


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