One Day Trip At KL With Korea Friend

November 16, 2011

It's the first day in KL after landing last night and I have been driving whole day. My Korea friend is stopping by KL for a day so I brought her to places like KLCC, KL Tower and National Museum. Wanted to bring her to more places but I am not familiary with KL road. I already felt really proud about myself for driving in KL after not driving for 9 months. xD

Flora at KLCC. She's been telling me that 1 side of the tower was made by Korea and another by Japan =X

Going to KL Tower was actually by coincidence. I was on my way to take her our Istana Negara but I passed by KL Tower so just took her there.
A mini garden at KL Tower
the weather in KL was really hot
different houses of different malay culture in Malaysia
I was actually afraid of that animal
But oh well, I just want to try to have it on my shoulder
Malay wedding
If I'm not mistaken this is Istana Kayu
dressing table
dining table

I can't believe I already have bad impression about Malaysia. Even my Korea friend. We were vising at National Museum and there were school trip visiting the museum as well. It was a primary and secondary malay school. One of the malay boys were taking picture in the museum and my Korea friend was standing at his way, but she didn't notice because she was looking around and the malay boy said "TEPI-LAH BABI".

I straight away have a really bad impression about Malaysia. A secondary school boy saying it to visitor from other country. Of course, my Korea friend doesn't understand what he said and I just pulled her at the side.

My Korea friend thinks Malaysia people are unfriendly. She said KL is like Korea, except people in Korea are much nicer. =/

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  1. yup it is true that 1 side and another side is different country made lol

  2. OMG !!! why dont you just lempang that secondary boy... SO DAMN RUDE!!! MIGOD!!... if i were you... I would slap him in his face!!!GOSH!!!

  3. >Kian Fai: oh T___T I love KL wey..but... T___T

    >akmall: I just felt disappointed and it was only just my first day here =/

  4. Mine one even more worst. When I went in to Holiday Inn Hotel, consider an International Hotel, an old Malay woman (ah mu) called me geylang. OMG!! Geylang where got money to International Hotel. I wana cried that day. Really hurt me. I don't really like Malay race

  5. He said that? :O OMG I would have scold the boy straight in his face, so no manner one!

  6. >@anGeLine: What does geylang means? >.< But, they shouldn't be so rude T_T Hurt me as well. First day in KL HUHUUUU

    >Hilda: yeah he said that. Somemore wearing school uniform wey!


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