Preparation For Final Paper

November 04, 2011

I know I MIA again. Sorry!

Chee Li Kee

I'm preparing for my last paper on 7th November. I'll have group study with Siew Lee and CJ from lunch time - dinner time then self study at night to prepare for group study the next day.

Whenever I have free time, I'll FB or watch drama. Recently I'm addicted to this drama.

It's still broadcasting from Taiwan so only 7 episode is out now and one episode will be out every week.

Anyway, Siew Lee and CJ is coming over anytime now. I better get ready before they come. Tata.

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  1. Finally you are going to finish your exam. Hehe.

  2. Study Hard Lo! And Drama is a must watch if cannot save it or DL it :P

  3. >Luporti: But I've been slacking!!

    >Kian Fai: Yeah >.< Must study hard for last paper! Uh..I finished this week's episode anyway. Have to wait for the next one to out.


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