Christmas Dinner At Kelly's House 2011

December 19, 2011

Kelly invited my family to her house for a Christmas dinner just like last year :D Read it here. Except this year, we haven't meet each other for months since I left. I miss this babe so much! I used to go shopping with her all the time. She's such a great shopping companion and great to hang out with!

I don't even know how we get close together. We were in same high school but we were never in the same class. Probably we share the same hobby - dance and sing :)


So that's Kelly on the most left, then me, my mom and my elder brother.


Oh my dad and my younger brother went to Terengganu for work so they are not here


Kelly and I :) Oh my hair is so long right now. I stepped on my hair when I climbed on the bed and when I sit on the floor, my hair is touching the floor.

Maybe I should look into taking some classes from a cosmetology school to inspire me for a beautiful new look for 2012.

I'm thinking of curling my hair. I always had straight hair and same hairstyle since I was in high school. Am thinking of changing new hairstyle for 2012. Wanna be pretty if the world ends wtf.

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