Christmas Shopping

December 24, 2011

I was supposed to hang out with Kelly for Christmas shopping today but she got hangover from last night so she ffk me T.T Look on the bright side, Mark texted me and asked if I wanna meet up with him at Midvalley for Christmas shopping. And I said yes :)

I waited for Mark at Midvalley for almost 2 hours because the train he took to Midvalley broke down LOL. Coincidentally, I bumped into my Uni friends! Yes, we're all studying in the same Uni at NZ.

JarYee, Jamie, Carmen, Liki and Aaron

Luckily I bumped into them or else I'll probably just walk around alone or sit and read books at MPH. It's not fun to shop alone unless you planned to shop alone at the first place. I got used to shopping alone in Dunedin but Dunedin is so small, I usually ended up shopping with people Haha.
Finally Mark reached! Since my NZ friends and him never had Snowflakes, we had desserts there. It must be too stuffy to be stucked in the train for such a long hours haha. Mark is studying dentistry in India :P He was complaining bout only-vegetarian foods allowed state :X
Only managed to bought 1 Christmas gift for Christmas exchange session in my birthday party tomorrow.

Wanted to get earrings for myself to wear tomorrow but couldn't get it as well because it was too late and I didn't have transport back then. At least I prepared a Christmas gift for tomorrow! Haha.

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