Memories Of Year 2011

December 31, 2011

New Year Countdown at CJ's house, received birthday surprise from TGV and Nuffnang, meeting up with college friends after graduated in June 2010, last shopping with Kelly and Shi Ning, celebrated Raymond's birthday, meeting with Lily for the last time because don't know when will we meet again =(, attended CHS Gerko Day, attended Focus Point Media Appreciation Event and won myself a Furla sunglasses, attended Maybelline Super Film Party, changed my Facebook layout and stayed the same until timeline was introduced xD, had a minor accident while in Chin Ming's car, attended CHS Choir Gathering 2011

Celebrated CNY back in hometown and aunt's house, had family time at 1 Utama, attended Nuffnang Premiere Screening – Burlesque, first time karaoke with bloggers, CNY celebration with A4 Gangsters, first time leaving Malaysia to New Zealand for studies and had my new life there, had my first Velvet burger, went to St Clair Beach learnt how to cook, laundry and everything to be independant, joined Taieri Gorge Train Trip organised specially for Otago International Students, start my first year in University

Attended OMSA Annual Welcome Gathering 2011, had steamboat and meet lots of new friends, had my first university term tests, fell in love with bubble tea, learnt to make soup, attended NZ Food Taste Testing Night

Attended ICC Bake Sale + Mini Cultural Festival, got a "keep quiet in lecture" note complained by students LOL, got better at cooking, first time seeing bumble bee, attended Health Sciences Interfac Party 2011, visited Otago Museum, took a walk down Dunedin Botanical Garden, bought my first Urban Decay products - Marshmallow Body Powder, gathering with Malaysia friends in NZ

Attended OSC and OUHKSA's Food Fiesta, had curry party at Toroa College with Malaysian/Singapore friends, got my one and only frog chocolate for answering questions in last CELS lab, first time dining at Golden Harvest Restaurant, tried $3 lunch at The Cook, realised New Zealand Natural ice-cream is so damn cheap in NZ

Completed my Year One Semester One in University, had my finals for Semester One in University, had my first earthquake experience in life, 2 weeks holiday begun, visited Ethan's new flat, attended Dunedin Midwinter Carnival, first time karaoke in NZ, visited Tunnel Beach, being a nurse taking care of boyfriend, went to Baldwin Street and Moeraki Boulders, watched Transformer in 3D - first movie in NZ

Got my results :D, watched Bersatu Games and went to Pasar Malam, first time dining in Chopstick, first time having frozen yogurt from Wendy's Supa Sundaes, went to Queenstown for holiday for 2 days and Wanaka for 2 days, first time seeing real snow in life, started Semester Two of Year One in University, attended OUSA International Food Festival 2011, attended OUMSA Royal Medical School Ball 2011 as boyfriend's partner, first time experiencing snow in my place, attended Cadbury Chocolate Carnival 2011

Quit make up, bought first tiramisu in NZ, visited Bazaar Ramadhan, joined Slutwalk in NZ, invited to Google+ beta version, made eggtart with Siew Lee for the first time

Saw a huge penis lol, celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, ate my first mooncake overseas, start collecting The Smurfs toys, first time visiting Asian Market in NZ

Became Nuffnang Featured Blogger Of The Month, got to be in a country where Rugby World Cup is held, first time lunch at Huntsman Steakhouse, watched Rugby with flatmates everynight until final and All Blacks won! Had my finals this month and got a long break between second last paper and last paper so went to St Clair Beach again, first time having vodka with boyfriend and friends while playing Texas Hold'Em

Finished my finals :D, had farewell steamboat with friends, got iPhone 4S, went back to Malaysia! Be a tour guide for my Korea friend in KL for a day, enjoying shopping and foods in Malaysia, celebrated daddy's birthday!

Went to Jusco Member Day, attended 7aste Moscow at Laundry Bar, attended Nuffnang Premiere Screening - The Muppets, bought my first Hello Kitty iPhone 4S case, karaoke with Kai Yuan for the first time ever since I'm back from NZ, went to Christmas dinner at Kelly's house, shopping at Pavilion and amazed with United bear buddies :D, bumped into NZ friend in Malaysia, celebrated my 20th birthday with close friends and family, celebrated Christmas at aunt's house, did a digital perm for my hair, meet up with James and Lee Young at KLCC, went to Singapore for the first time for shopping

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