My 20th Birthday And Christmas Celebration

December 25, 2011

As you grow older, it is true that people who will celebrate birthday with you is getting lesser. Those who stay are only family and real friends :) Every year since 2005, I celebrate my birthday and Christmas celebration with my A4 gangsters. The reason why we are called A4 Gangsters are because we used to study in a class of 2A4 in Catholic High School.

We are really close together until now. Most of us including me went overseas for study so I only managed to celebrate my birthday with Calvin, Wen Jie and Chin Ming this year as they are the only ones left in Malaysia (Selangor/KL area).

I stated in the Facebook event that they should reach at 4pm and Calvin was the earliest to reach (4.30pm). This is Malaysian time haha.

Calvin was so proud that this time he wass chosen to be the victim by Hippy. Usually it's either Leon or Chern Jung lolz.
Chin Ming, Calvin, Wen Jie and Liki. We had dinner at a restaurant nearby my house with my family.

And then, we headed to the bar upstairs to have a drink and singing session.
Buy 2 free 1 :)
Singing in a restaurant bar. Kinda shy at first because I think everyone can hear us sing HAHA. But their service is pretty good. You don't need to pay to sing. Just pay for the drinks.
Karaoke with everyone who is there haha.
Even sang with my mom
The bar eventually got more and more people as it's getting late and we stopped singing because there's a hired singer working in that restaurant bar.
Last group picture before Calvin left because he is going for Christmas supper with his family.

My family and friends stayed in the bar and listen to the singer while chatting and drinking. It's actually my first time drinking alcohol with my family. It was really fun!!! Around 11ish, we quickly went back to my house to cut the cake before 24th is over!
Kinda like this iPhone app :) It's called PowerCam.
My birthday cake is always Christmas cake because it's a day before Christmas. Christmas cake is not cheap. T.T This log cake looks so pretty!
Can you see the macaroons? Yummmm
Group picture with Wen Jie and Chin Ming
Look where our fingers are pointing HAHA
The cakes really look delicious!
Christmas cake usually have exaggerated decorations :P
Can't wait to eat it
I looked scary here. My brother snapped this picture using the effect in PowerCam.
It was nice to celebrate my birthday and Christmas in Malaysia with my family and close friends.
It means a lot to me :')
Cut the cake!!!
Family picture :)

Some funny shots with Wen Jie and Chin Ming:
#3 Btw, count our fingers haha.
My portion of the cake. The biggest one :P.

At 12.00am sharp, we shouted Merry Christmas and wore Christmas hat!
We actually did countdown Christmas together :) Except without champagne or sparkling juice this time because we had beer earlier at the restaurant bar.
Friendship forever!!!
Hippy continue humping Wen Jie. Look at Wen Jie's post LOL.
My Hippy is just so cute

I am really happy to celebrate my birthday and Christmas with my family and my close friends. My boyfriend is not with me but he made me 2 videos. It made me cry T.T I'm not gonna share the video because it's between us. I did showed one to my A4 and my mom and they said he is so sweet and cute. Nawwww, I miss my boyfriend. It'd be even great to have him with me.
Athough not much people celebrated birthday with me, I'm happy to have just my family and close friends. I love you all. Thank you.

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  1. So nice that you get to celebrate birthday with your family and close friends (:

  2. Yeah :) That's all I wish for really :)

  3. wow your bday same date with christmas?! nice~ Happy Belated Birthday and Christmas :)

  4. It's Christmas eve actually so we celebrate Christmas too! :) Thanks for the wishes


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