Outing To KLCC With High School Friends

December 26, 2011

James, Lee Young, Shi Ning and I sat together in high school for 2 years. Our personalities are so damn different but somehow we are the only ones who actually still talk and meet up once a year or so after graduating.

James is a famous cellist working for MPYO as the head of cellist and studying music in NUS, Lee Young is studying Medicine in Australia while Shi Ning is Malaysian Charm Cheerleader and studying in UMS now.

James and Lee Young went study overseas earlier than me so we will meet when they are back and now, since I'm studying in NZ as well, I only come back to Malaysia end of the year so this is when everyone meets up. Too bad Shi Ning is only back during CNY. But Tjia Hwei will joined us as replacement of Shi Ning lol.

Woke up real early and went to KLCC.

KLCC is our "lao di fang". We will meet there once every year (last year we missed because everyone was busy).
Dining in at Dome is also our tradition haha. We chat and catch up with each other, with foods and drinks :D
Wanted to take picture with Santa but he needs rest lol
candid shot
looking at the huge Christmas trees
James, Liki and Lee Young. S5 :)
James, Lee Young and Tjia Hwei
James, Tjia Hwei and Liki
It was just nice that this spot is right in front of a counter so we just asked the lady at the counter to snap this picture for us HAHA.

Felt damn old because now that we've graduated for years, we got so much to talk. Everyone walked their own path but it's interesting to hear each other's story. Will see them next year again :)

Got back feeling sleepy and tired but gotto camwhore with Hippy because he was so cute today! Greeted me at the front door then stick to me like a glue.
Camera shy dog :P
I love Hippy ♥♥♥

I love Hippy so much that sometimes I think of taking classes from one of the vet tech schools to learn how to best care for him.

Gonna meet them again next year and see what's our changes! Take care my friends:)

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  1. it sure feels nice to meet up with old friends...catching up with each other :)

  2. It does :) It kinda feels like it was just yesterday we just met :)


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