Pop Phone

December 16, 2011

Pop phone is a new trend that is rapidly growing around the world. Its a cool accessory that is not only stylish but 100% functional and super convenient.


It looks like a phone nuff said. The simple design plus vibrant colours make pop phone stands out from other accesory. Combining retro and funky, pop phone deserves a spot with most of your electronic devices ranging from ipod to laptop.

Imagine you are skyping with your friend, you want some private conversation, you pop on your headphones equiped with microphone and begin chatting away. After 10mins your ears begin to itch and feel uncomfortable with the head phone. Your mood is spoilt and you end up scratching your ears, adjusting the headphones. With pop phone, you could care less about all these problems. you can have conversation just like how you talk to someone on phone. convenient, easy and hassle free.

Its more than just a pretty face, pop phone give you best of both worlds; style and function. So what are you waiting for? Its time to get one for yourself!! It comes with many fun colours :D

To purchase it, simply just visit this website

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