Say No To Make Up

December 01, 2011

Ever since this year's July when I attended the Medical Ball, I never had any make up on my face. You can say that I completely quited make up. I realised the more I make up, the more I rely on make up and I dare not step out of the house with my naked face.

Also, one of the main reason I can't make up is because my skin condition. Pimples on my cheek is really horrible T_______T Pimples on cheek is the worst because it is so fking obvious!

Since I came back from Malaysia, I receive lots of events invitation and modeling jobs but I just turned them all down. To be honest, I felt so wasted because I really didn't wanna see those money go away. But I have no choice. I can't put make up on my face. Bye bye to PC Fair job..bye bye to Christmas Photo shooting huhu...

One of my main goal of coming back to Malaysia is to completely cure my face.

This blog title of mine is entitled for me. My face skin is sensitive to everything so I quit wearing make up and started relying on my natural beauty.

You know how, when people are so used to you wearing makeup, and when you take it off, you look like a completely different person. I don't want to be like them!

I am just about to turn 20, not even 20 yet. I don't want to hide my beauty behind a mask.
I don't want to be like her!! If like this, what is real and not real? T____T

So I will keep telling myself to insist on NOT WEARING MAKE UP.

And so, this is a picture of me with zero make up and zero photoshop.
Chee Li Kee
Can you notice the pimples on my cheek? T_T

Not sure about you but for me, it takes lots of courage to walk out of my house without make up and also, I lost my self-confidence to make up. If it wasn't for my pimples getting more terrible on my cheek, I'd probably wouldn't give up make up. Also, standing beside someone who put make up makes me felt uglier, (anyway, make up makes anyone prettier).

So, I am going to quit make up completely to heal my skin and to built my own self confidence. YES I CAN DO IT!! Do you know that seeing people with pimples on face and zero make up is...a hard thing to do? I felt really low-self esteem. T_T

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  1. Well, I don't use make up either and I don't think it's embarrassing to go out without having make up own (: It's for my own face's good. I have a sensitive face too thus explains the reason why I'm not into makeup. Plus, I think it's a waste of time and money as well (: No worries, you can do it babe!

  2. Oopps typo! :P At the end of 2nd line.

  3. hmmm Stay Strong and cure it ASAP :)

  4. >Hilda: yeah that's right :) But you have such nice and smooth skin. I don't have confident about my own =/

    >Kian Fai: thanks! Yeah I will eat less spicy and fry foods, drink more water and sleep early!! :D

  5. >DoRa Priscilla: Thanks sweetie :)

  6. "Do you know that seeing people with pimples on face and zero make up is...a hard thing to do?"

    STRONGLY DISAGREE!!! hahaha!
    look at me, no make up still can walk out just like that XD (apart from the fact that I'm ah sam at the age of going-to-be-20)

  7. >Siew Lee: That's for u mah :D For me different. I don't mind close friends see lah but stranger like quite hard lor haha. Aiyah, u be leng lui ah sam lor lmao

  8. true true. that's for me :p
    LMAO anyway, you should say, Say No to Acne

  9. >Siew Lee: My acne is caused by make up lor LOL

  10. i'm 26 and even now, i only use make up when i'm rajin and not going to work. i still get pimples like when i was 16! the only incentive of using face power (for me) is the sun protection. wrinkles and saggy-ness i can live with but nooooo sun spots

  11. Make up once in a while is okay but not everyday. I still get pimples now even though I'm near 20!

    Yeah have u tried using sunscreen instead of face powder? Try using SPF25 and above since it UV ray is dangerous now.


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