Sing Your Heart Out

December 16, 2011

Kai Yuan is back from UK! That means I can hang out with one more people yay! When Kai Yuan was still in UK and I was still in NZ, we make plans like hanging out at food places especially in Malaysia. I guess we both really miss Malaysia foods :) But you are wrong LOL. Kai Yuan only misses Japanese food here wtf. While me, I miss Chinese foods XD

Kai Yuan can't remember road well so he used GPS to search for my house and managed to find then. Somehow you can find my house area in the GPS lol. Anyway, since it was still morning and we're heading to KL, we went to Levain for breakfast :)

I tried their different breads today :D
Long bun (after slice) haha

We went to Fahrenheit88 and Starhill Gallery. Wanted to walk to Pavilion but it started raining and it floods wtf. Seriously, ever since I came back from NZ (or even before), it rains everyday and floods everyday. I want to go KL shopping T.T

So we decided to sing karaoke! I have never been to karaoke places in KL. So this will be my first time. We went to CEO at Fahrenheit88.

Their buffet foods are delicious! Better than all the other dinner buffet at karaoke that I've been before.
Their counter was so pretty. White Christmas! (and blue)
The Christmas house made from chocolate biscuit
Oh, a picture of me and Kai Yuan. It's really weird because we are from the same high school, but we never knew each other. We only met in college and got close together :)
Look at the foods we took LOL.
The karaoke room was big and comfy too!

Even if you have not taken online classes in music or singing, everyone can enjoy karaoke.

We sang for 6 hours! Until 11pm+ and headed home. I'm curious about the parking fee at Fahrenheit88. They wrote there RM5.00 per entry but we were charged RM11.00. Everyone told me that parking at Fahrenheit88 is only RM5.00 maximum >=(

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  1. Wow, the first ones photo, it is cute.

  2. yeah the bread so cute HAHA. Got Chocolate version somemore xD


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