Singapore Shopping

December 30, 2011

It was just a yesterday night plan when I decided to join my aunt's family to Singapore! My uncle is going to Singapore for work so I thought I can just follow to go shopping! Not to visit places in Singapore but to visit the malls :P

IT'S MY FIRST TIME TO SINGAPORE! Even though Singapore is my neighbour country lol.

We started our journey around 7.30am and only had less than 5 hours of sleep. It's hard to get sleep in the car too!

My youngest cousin's plushie

It was really a long ride. My uncle was so sleepy that we had lots of stop. By the way, those went went were my aunt, my uncle and my four younger cousins.
First time seeing the Johor/Singapore custom
The bridge from Johor to Singapore is only like 5 minute drive.

We reached Singapore around 1+pm. We are gonna stay in Raffles Town Club for 3 days 2 night :)
Kinda little right? It's all our luggage :D
The entrance of Raffles Town Club
Tall building. It really does look like a club haha.
I walked around the lobby area while waiting for my uncle to park his car and check in.
It's still decorated with Christmas decorations. Means there will still be Christmas year end sale in Singapore woooohoooo
This is how I was dressed on the way to Singapore.
picture of the toilet

Edmund was so nice to reached the club just a short while after we check-in. He has got to wait for a little while too for me to get shower and get extra bed for our studio room as there is not enough bed for 7 of us in 2 rooms.
Our first picture outside Malaysia and also first with my curly hair

I feel so lucky to have friend in Singapore and took me and my aunt to shopping! Edmund took me and my aunt to go shopping at ION Orchard. It's awesome to have Edmund with me as I just tell him which store I wanna go and he'll bring me there. Save lots of time looking for the shops because the shopping mall is really huge!
Camwhore is Uniqlo ION :)
my aunt and I
Christmas tree made of plastic bottles

It was then my aunt said she has to meet up with her husband's friend for a dinner and we left ION. We only managed to shop for 4 hours or so and I didn't bought anything in the first day.
My uncle's friend's house in Singapore with super nice interior design

After dinner, we went back to hotel early to get some sleep. It's really a long and tiring day for all of us :)
Drop-off area at Raffles Town Club, Singapore
407976_10150459587922239_568062238_8579945_989910502_n (1)
the statue at the entrance
Just wore a really simple clothes for shopping
And I'm wearing my Shape-up shoes. It's the most awesome sport shoes ever.
The second eldest cousin who went to Singapore as well. He's a gentleman :)
Since we are not managed to take picture of the big famous Singapore statue there, the small one will do :)
My third youngest cousin. He is a cutie :)
Didn't really go ANYWHERE in Singapore so taking pictures in hotel is my only choice haha.
I thought I looked fat in the picture before so I demanded for another shot LOL.
Gonna grab the butt! HAHA.

On the second day in Singapore, my aunt and I decided to just shop for the whole day. I managed to buy a boots for myself only. Can't really buy a lot of things because you need time to choose and compare and think. Haiz...girls shopping is really troublesome XD
Had bread from Provence Bakery & Cafe recommended by Edmund as my breakfast with a cup of milo before heading out to shopping with my aunt and cousins.

Anyway, we headed back to hotel around 5+ because my uncle said he wanna take us out for dinner in a famous restaurant in Singapore! But too bad, the restaurant was closed so we only dined in at a restaurant recommended by the taxi guy.
ordered seaweed soup
fried rice
Three-sauced chicken
fried hokkien mee

I wonder if the chef at the restaurant attended culinary schools in Ohio or another place to know how to cook food that good.

And crab!
The crab looks kinda big though. I didn't had crab for 1 year already and my uncle say the restaurant that we were supposed to go had even bigger crab XD

Went back hotel to rest and watch tv :) Talked to my aunt and cousins too.
My little cousins bought these Toy Story handkerchief which I thought it was so cute haha.
Had these for my supper before sleep.

For the last day in Singapore, we only had half day because we had to check out the hotel at 12pm. So my aunt and I woke up early in the morning to shower and pack before we head out for shopping again! This time we just got some Singapore souvenirs like keychains and fridge magnet at Lucky Plaza, then went to Takashimaya for branded stuff.
Had chicken rice for lunch in a rush. It was $5.00 at Food Court in Takashimaya
Didn't really take much photos in Singapore because we were busy shopping =/ So here's a camwhore picture of me before leaving Singapore
With my youngest cutie cousin
One of the souvenirs I bought for boyfie ♥

Branded stuff in Singapore is cheaper than Malaysia really. Even their public transport service is so convenient and efficient. I would go to Singapore again someday for shopping and also the next time, to visit places in Singapore. Thanks to my aunt and her family for taking care of me in these 3 days :) Thanks for a great ending of a holiday to Singapore in 2011.

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  1. very nice! the only vacation I had for new yr is in Cameron, but still fun =)

  2. >tka anas: as least you had a vacation :) Holiday is great! Vacation is fun

    >Val Kueh: yeap :)


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