Chinese New Year Celebration At Aunt's House

January 25, 2012

This year we celebrated Chinese New Year traditionally. As in like first day of Chinese New Year is to visit my dad's side and second day of Chinese New Year is to visit my mom's side. I didn't snap any photos on the first day of Chinese New Year because apparently everyone on my dad's side doesn't like to take photos.

So here I am blogging about my second of Chinese New Year.

Woke up in the morning and got Hello Kitty ang pow from my mom!! :)

And we had to prepare to head out to my aunt's house. My maternal grandparents went to stay at my aunt's house to avoid traffic jam. All the road out of KL had "strawberry jam" =/

"Strawberry jam" is like many cars on the road (either moving or not) with red lights on the back(meaning pressing on the car brake)

My mom wore the black boots I bought for her from NZ!
Pretty isn't it? Makes you look damn elegant wan.

We headed to my aunt's house around noon time. Can't wait to meet with them!
Picture with my younger and elder brother in the car. My bodyguard! LOLz.

We were the second last family to reach my aunt's house. Usually we're the last but we're getting earlier every year! HAHA.
I drove this plant to my aunt's house last week because I went to redo my hair at that area as well. Wah. It looks so pretty now haha. It's a real plant.
shadow of me with the plant
I wore my pink Cheongsam today! My second cheongsam in my whole entire life T.T
This is a plant that GuanYin hold on her hand.
Picture with my cousins! Actually there's 7 more cousins not in this picture. 1 didn't attend,2 went back and 4 playing computer upstairs.
Meet my pretty cousin, Sze Von! We were both used to be the only girl cousins in the family but my youngest aunt had a twin sisters few years ago!
I never knew anyone that is more 爱美 than my this cousin sister. She takes about 4 hours to prepare before leaving her house. So if you want to ask her out, do it 4 hours before and phone her said that you were in front of her house 1 hour before. Once my mom and I went to fetch her and my aunt, we all waited an hour for her in front of her house gate. We told her to prepare in hand but when we reached, she wasn't ready =.=
If you think I have lots of clothes, she has triple times the amount I had. LOL.

Anyway we had family dinner at Coconut Flower Restaurant in Telok Gong. I used to love food from Telok Gong. I wanted to bring Kai Yuan to Telok Gong when he is back from UK but lucky I didn't. The food there wasn't as nice as before.
we had vegetarian yeesang at aunt's house after dinner.
chat with my cousins and munching gummy bears all the way

My Hippy has been home whole day. He must have felt bored without us accompanying him.
Look! He felt so sleepy!
Took this picture when he fell asleep on his own seat. The pillow is specially for him XD

This is how I celebrated my Chinese New Year. Nothing much really. We didn't celebrate grand dinner at hotels or big restaurants. Just something simple :)

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  1. Happy Lunar New Year to you Liki, we do not need elaborate parties. Infact I prefer simple gatherings with friends and relatives :)

  2. Pretty cheongsam! Where did you buy it? (:

  3. hello. how are you today? landing here with love. good morning to you my friend. link me back please. thanks...

  4. >Andy: Gong Xi Fa Cai :) Yeah you are right. Just a simple gathering is warm :)

    >Hilda: I bought it in some boutique shop. Nice right? XD

    >Chloe: Hey I'm good :) good afternoon to you

  5. Wow 4 hours? Your cousin is really something... hahaha.. happy cny btw! :)

  6. Haha. I don't know anyone who takes longer than her yet. LOL. Happy CNY :D


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