Happy Chinese New Year 2012

January 22, 2012

I'm always excited for Chinese New Year. Just by thinking of ang pow, Chinese New Year biscuits, firecrackers and drinks....ahhhhh It's one of the best celebration ever!

My dad was so funny today LOL. Last night, my mom and dad bought newspaper to see if there's any last minute CNY sales for beers and we saw one at Giant. My parents went there at 10.00am sharp to get the beers and were told by the guard that it was out of stock!

My dad was like "huh? belum buka sudah jual habis? Saya baru nampak iklan kat newspaper semalam." (huh? It was sold out before the shop were open? I just saw it in newspaper last night.) So so so funny. The guard went to the loading bay and got the beers out. LOLOLOLLLLLL

My dad say don't try to cheat him ah! LMAOOOOO

Just thought it was so funny HAHAAAA. Anyway we are just doing some last minute CNY preparation, buying things and also cleaning up the house. Now we gotto prepare to balik kampung!

To all those who are also on their way back to hometown, drive safely.

CNY advertisements are always very touching. One of the popular CNY advertisement are shown below:

English version :)

Pink Latte wishes everyone "开心乐龙龙" :)

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