Hand-made Dragon using real fruits

February 20, 2012

Although Chinese New Year is over, the whole 2012 is still consider year of dragon. My dad was in charge of a dinner event and he was assigned to make a dragon for that night. My dad always have this weird and crazy ideas in his mind and he managed to think of something using these.......

pineapples and bananas? Actually the bananas was last minute idea by my mom =P

I was wondering what he was gonna do with 60+ pineapples he bought the other day and filled up the whole car.

So within 3 days, my dad made this:


Yeap a dragon made from fruits and vegetables.


The front was modified by my mom and other workers and it look so damn stupid!!! Like so funny lor! Just by looking at the face we kept laughing at it.


The LED light was also set up last minute because you know, ideas just flow in =)


So damn freaking funny lor this dragon! Look soooooooo crazy (sam pat). We even said that it looked like female because of the pink dragon fruit and somemore look like got eyelashes wan!! HAHAHA


I went to office that day to get my documents printed out and also wanted to take a look at the dragon that my dad made.


Me and my younger brother doing silly faces with the dragon


That's my elder brother and my younger brother again


Cool right? The dragon was like so heavy, we need to think how to move it. Also, because it is made from real fruits, we can't start work late because the fruit will spoil faster =/ So it was kinda rush for my dad to finish it.


I'm leaving to New Zealand tomorrow and my dad didn't really have time to have lunch or dinner with me because of this piece of work.


I'm leaving Malaysia tomorrow morning and my dad needs to set up this dragon on Sunday night because the dinner event is on Monday night XD

This is just one of my dad's masterpiece. He make lots of weird and crazy stuff. Lots of customer look for him because only my dad can do it. My dad requires perfection and he will make sure that everything he did is with 100% work and effort. It's sad to see how hard he work sometimes =/

I would like to share with you about all my dad's masterpiece if possible. Trust me, he has like 30 years of experience in advertising. Who knows, you might actually seen his work before.

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  1. Wow. Making a dragon with fruits. That's awesome!

  2. I laughed sooo hard when i saw the dragon face LOL

  3. >LuPorTi: Yeap! It's not easy but was so much fun :D

    >Christine: haha me too! My mom and the workers also laughed so hard when they made that dragon face HAHAHA


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