My Journey Back To New Zealand 2012

February 20, 2012

I only had 2 hours of sleep. Or less. Can't really sleep because I was quite sad I'm leaving Malaysia again. Gonna miss my Hippy soooooo muchie!!! I got up and took shower early in the morning. My last shower in Malaysia before leaving T.T

I tried to get Hippy to take pictures with me but he was so emo that morning. He didn't even wanna look at camera.

Hippy! Hippy! Look at camera!
Failed LOL. He was really emo. HUHU. Make me emo too. Gonna miss this fluffy poodle.

My flight is at 8.40am Malaysia time so we need to get to LCCT early to check in. Luckily that I did web check-in already, I only need to be there an hour earlier to put my luggage.
The queue was so long! They had like 3 counters but they were so slow!
After waiting for 20 minutes or so, it was my turn.
Measuring my check in luggage
I also asked if I can bring foods
Turned out I can! Malaysia custom was not as strict as New Zealand's.

Kah Yenn was late so while waiting for her, my family and I chilled at Chocolate. I thought I could have a sip of Chocolate before I left but I only had 15 minutes before I need to clear the security.
my little brother and I
me and my mom
my elder brother and I
me and my dad
my last breakfast in Malaysia.

I cleared the security and was at the gate alone before the departure. I waited for Kah Yenn but then it was last call to be in the boarding gate and there is no sign of her. I thought she went in already so I went in alone. Later on, I found out that she was actually later than me still =.=
Bye Malaysia....
oh I saw Golden Palm Resort. Dad say he wants to take me there when I'm back from New Zealand.
I purchased Malaysian meal online so here's the first one..Nasi Lemak!
yummy!! Still a better nasi lemak than RainForest.
I was trying to sleep, watch movies and listen to music on plane. I sat beside two Taiwan guy and we talked throughout the flight if we're not sleeping.
Second meal was Chicken Briyani
Surprisingly it tastes better than the ones I had when I go back from New Zealand
I reached Christchurch Airport at 11.55pm (New Zealand Time) and I declared my beans T.T We're not allowed to take plant products in New Zealand huhu. I wanted to make desserts with it.
Kah Yenn, Shu Qeng and I was in Christchurch Airport but the gate was closed.
Kah Yenn suggested that we act emo and take a picture LOL
But we started laughing.
Had breakfast and I texting my boyfriend
Just to give him a call and tell him I arrived safely
Thank goodness for the Hello Kitty U-shaped pillow that accompanied me in the flight. It provides me comfort
If we follow Malaysia time, we slept only 5 hours in 2 days. We're transiting for 7 hours at Christchurch Airport before taking flight to Dunedin in the next morning.
We were so awake until it's almost our turn to go on flight and we are doomed LOL
Getting real sleepy but we have no place to sleep! Just gonna make sure that I stay awake the whole time in Dunedin to avoid jetlag since I'm reaching Dunedin at 8.00am!

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  1. I super love your hair (: and where did you get the U shape hello kitty pillow? So cute!

  2. Oh yah I dyed and curl my hair :D I got the Hello Kitty U-shaped pillow in Times Square. RM25.00 only!


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