New Baby

January 28, 2012

Say Hello to my new baby!!!

lol the Feb 2 confuses me. I set the time following NZ time and now I don't know how to set it to Malaysia time.

Bought it online over Apple EduStore last week XD

It's my first time purchasing from Apple Online Store and also my first Mac product.

I am now blogging using this MacBook Air because my Vaio went to service/repair. There's so much to learn in using this Mac product. If it wasn't for my Vaio went to service/repair, I won't touch this laptop because I'm so not used to it LOLOL. I even need to get advice from Nataneal (my buddy who has been a Mac user for years).

"How to right click ah?"
"Why scroll up and down is in the opposite direction?"

die lo

Lots of how and why going around...

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  1. why you so noob ar? buy a mouse and scroll la :P

    use wisely hehehe

  2. LOL I memang noob wan lor. I got mouse but I don't know can use or not. Must use Apple mouse? LOLLLLLL sei noob ah me.


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