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March 15, 2012

I felt so bad for neglecting my blog =( But I can't help it because I am taking really heavy subjects for this semester. My timetable is worst than a third year medicine student (LOL yah comparing it with my boyfriend).

Initially, my Friday timetable was 8am-8pm without any break for lunch or dinner. It's a straight 12 hours classes and lab! I went to course advisor on the day when I got my timetable and changed my lab session. Or else, I'd really faint. Even so, after rearranging my schedule, it's still kinda packed. Need to work hard for this semester!


After settling my University documents and did course approval, I had 1 week before semester starts. I rested for 2 days only because the rest of the day I used to settle other stuff like my visa and all. Also, went out to buy things and clean up the flat. My room got so dusty and there's like a dead fly on the carpet near the window WTF. Had boyfriend over to help out as well.

On weekends, I went to grocery with boyfriend and Davence.
Although it's Summer, the weather wasn't as hot as expected. It's colder than last year's Summer.
I didn't really talked about my hair but yeah, I dyed on my hair on the 13th of February 2012 for the first time of my life. It's because I curled my hair, the hair stylist say it'll look nicer with colour. Since my hair is black, curling black hair will make me look much older than my age. I didn't want to dye it at first but my mom and my boyfriend encouraged me to give it a try for the first time and so I did it.
I'm kinda satisfied with my hair colour! I don't know what is it called because the hair stylist mixed 5-6 colours herself. She even helped me to dye my eyebrow to make it more natural.

And because of my new look, no one recognises me on the road and people even thought that I'm half-Asians LOL.

My knitwear jacket from Uniqlo, leggings from Glassons, dress from Sg Wang, shoes from Valentino. I'm so in love with my shoes. Bought in Singapore and it's only my first time wearing it today!

I'll try to update my blog as often as possible. Starting from next week, I have assignment due every week and term tests in every 2 weeks. FML huhuuuuuu~

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  1. Where did you have your hair dyed? :D It sure looks natural. All the best in your new sem btw!!

  2. I had it dyed in KL lor :D Yah loving my new hair colour. I hope to go well in this semester. Really hectic.


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