Davence's Early Birthday Celebration

March 10, 2012

We celebrated Davence's early birthday celebration few weeks ago and I'm only free to take short break from studies and classes or labs to blog. =( This semester has been really crazy for me. I only know 3 people(including me) in my course so far so take such heavy subjects. Time management is really important.

Anyway, just taking a short break from studying for term test this Wednesday to blog about Davence's birthday celebration. Basically boyfriend planned this whole surprise birthday for Davence (my boyfriend's flatmate). Boyfriend asked me to get pizza on the way to his flat. It was raining though, so I made phone call order and then Zia Yew and Joyce went to get the pizza by car.
Prepared everything and waiting for Davence. Well..we decided to cream Davence's face with chocolate whipped cream. We were all hiding in places and I was holding a camera to record =X

Didn't have time to edit the video yet so....just so you guys are wondering, it was a success!! Davence was surprised and had chocolate mask for his face XD
Rebecca bought a chocolate cake for Davence
Happy looking Davence. Ah his hair is wet and I guess his hair got the cream too
Trying to do a mugshot

We watched "The First Avengers: Captain America" and had chips and ice-cream for the night. We tried to take group pictures but failed to take a proper one because everyone was moving and laughing and talking LOLz
#1 Take one....wait, where's the main character for the night? LOL
#2 Take Two...there he is...come and join us...
#3 Take three...the main character camera shy...
#Take Four...not that camera shy...

Love the chocolate cake and it's nice to take a break to meet since we haven't had gathering after semester starts. Everyone busy aye? Davence had exam like on Monday and Zia Yew accidentally plugged out the main power cable of his laptop, without saving his notes. SHO FUNNY! Well, it happened when we were hiding in all places, trying to use his laptop to play "Happy Birthday" song.

In the end....Davence's notes has already auto-saved itself. *trollface*

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