There Goes My First Half Semester In Second Year

April 06, 2012

Don't you think time pass faster when you have lots of things to do? It's already half a semester of my second year in University Of Otago and is not easy. Assignment every single week and term tests in every two weeks is killing me faster than I thought.

Just had my Physiology term test last Wednesday. This Physiology paper that I'm taking is the SAME paper with dentistry, pharmacy and medical laboratory students. So it is actually quite a big class. Apparently many people failed this paper BUT lucky for dentistry, pharmacy and medical laboratory student, IF they failed, they get to repeat. We, the Human Nutrition students do not get repeat IF we failed =.= Like we need to repeat the whole year but they just a semester behind....uhhhh...bad luck for us =/
Stressed student in library XD
People here are...unique LOL

Although we're stress and busy, we need to take a break from studies. Siew Lee and I joined the Audition to perform for Malaysian Night and we made it through!!
Us outside the audition room =D
My blogger friend, Elwyn came to NZ to find work and stayed over at boyfriend's place for few days
Got to eat KFC Double Down again after over a year! It wasn't as good as last year and they increased the price T.T
Made my own Chilli Pan Mee and it was AHHHEESOMMEEEEEE

I had phobia towards badminton. It happened about 7 years ago when I was playing with Selangor State Player and the shuttlecock hit my right eyes and I was blind for 2 weeks. Like literally blind. As I was slowly healing, I need to wear sunglasses to class. So cool right! LOL.

Boyfriend and Davence encouraged me to start picking up badminton and something must have gone wrong with me that day, I decided to follow them to Unipol to play badminton.
Something must have gone wrong with my head I swear.
Still a little bit scared especially with smashing =X
Bought Girl Guide NZ biscuit for the first time and it was tasty!
Watched "On Call 36 小时" with boyfriend throughout the first half semester and we both love the drama so much!! Highly recommended!!
Fire drill in Central Otago. Didn't know there's so many people in the library. It looked so empty when I was inside =X
First time trying Chocolate Gateau from St David Cafe. Siew Lee and I studied for 10 hours (excluding rests, eat and sleep that day) just to prepare for the Physiology Term Tests. So we took rest at Cafe, chilling and had something sweet to destress. =)
This cute doggy was always outside Science Library. Everytime I walk pass it, I touch and say hi to it =) The last day I saw it was the morning when I took this picture. He look so happy to see me and he was shivering (weather was cold). I took up the blue knitted sweater next to him and wore it on him. =)
I'm also working at Carrington Hall now. Once in 3 weeks on Thursday 1pm - 8pm T.T Soooo tiring. This work is part of my lab and everytime I came back from the lab, I seriously felt really tired and didn't wanna do any studies anymore but I can't so I have to force myself. I had to cook for 200-300 students and worker in Carrington Hall. Industrial kitchen is not easy Haiz.
As Human Nutrition student, we need to know about food safety handling so one of our assignment is to watch someone cook and write about their correct and wrong handling. First time being in ang moh's flat and they are so funny. There's one guy in the flat named Brynn (same name as my boyfriend) wtf LOL.
My hair is so long now. My hair reaches my belly when my hair is wet. What a great achievement for me. I wanted to get a trim of my hair but it is so expensive to go to a hair saloon here. =.= I guess I'll just be Rapunzel when I'm back in Malaysia LOL.
Finally it's Easter break!!! Gonna have 1 week holiday and that's why I get to spend some time to write this long blog post. I've looked at my timetable and schedule, noticed that I have 7 things (assignment and study for test) to do during this holiday. WTF it's not even like holiday for me T_____T

Forget to wish all my readers a Happy Friday! Dunedin is pretty quiet and all shops are closed including supermarket and shopping malls.

Boyfriend and I went to some Indian Restaurant for lunch with Devind and his flatmates. The reception lady accused Devind and his flatmates for not paying the bill before leaving =.= I've heard about bad reviews about the Indian Restaurant but never experienced one until today. Definately gave us bad impression now. They just like keep quiet when they found out it wasn't us who did not pay the bill. They were like holding boyfriend and me, showing us the ____ look. Devind and his flatmates left before us and they demand boyfriend to call them up to go back to the restaurant. Lesson learnt: Take receipt whenever you pay!!

Man, this is quite a long post. It's 11.42pm and time for bed! Good Night!

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