When Hours Become Minutes

April 21, 2012

So if you guys remember about my previous post (I hope you do, since I seldom update my blog lately. HUHU Don't give up on me =) ), I had my one week mid semester break. It's not even like a holiday for me. I need to study for term tests and I have assignments to do. I didn't sleep for 2 days in the one week holiday. Yah, like 48 hours straight, because I was doing my assignment.

Classes just started this week and it's already Friday. I just finished my Biochemistry term test today and I have another term test on Thursday. Assignment and term test one after another. Don't get me wrong. I chose to take 4 papers this semester and the total point weightage this semester is actually more than what I needed, and should be completed in a longer semester. I didn't regret taking these papers though. They will only look at my final year results to decide if I manage to get into doing Masters. So, I just want to complete my prerequisite and concentrate on my final year. =)
(one of the random pic of me taken by boyfriend. I thought I 'd looked cool here haha)

Luckily, one of the days in the holiday, boyfriend dragged me out to shopping and movies plus dinner. He knows me well. If he didn't do that, I'll probably accumulating all my stress and lock myself in the room doing assignments and studies. This semester is not that hard, it's just the amount of workload we need to do in short amount of time =/
I started going to UniPol and picking up badminton again (yes, my phobia towards badminton is getting lesser lol). It's a good way to release stress too!
Watched Mission Impossible from 1 till 4 with boyfriend and his friends during the holiday as well. I'm sensing boyfriend and I gonna be apart from each other again soon. He is having his placement for his 4th year and I will have my placement in one of my year of doing Dietetics as well. Maybe be apart for 2 years at least since my placement will be more than a year? Don't wanna think about it so much yet so we're trying to spend most of our time together.

Oh, it's Autumn already so weather here in Dunedin is getting colder everyday. There's one day it reaches 3 Degree Celcius, it was the day where Earthquake happened at Indonesia =X

Glassons having Sleepwear New Collection and I'm attracted with the socks the girl wearing in the catalogue.
SO CUTE! Can't stop myself from getting one so I straight away went to Glassons and bought it.
It's not cheap but so cute T.T I just want to have it. I wear socks when I sleep because my leg gets cold easily at night. It's so comfortable and warm to wear socks that made of this material. No idea what is it. It's almost the same with the one I got from Uniqlo =X

Anyway, sleep becomes so important to me. I don't think I'll get a good rest until this semester is over, since one week holiday was not even like a holiday for me. Still working on assignments and term tests. Received back one of my assignments and I got like 19.5 out of 20! Ahhh, this good news just makes me so happy and felt like my effort pays back. Gonna tears T.T Nahhhh, I'm alright HAHA. =)
I have some interesting stories to share with you, which you might be interested to know about because it is something that I personally experienced but I'll do it after I am settled and done with my work. 9 weeks to go and bye bye to Semester One!! Stay strong, Liki =)

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