Celebrating Holidays With My Babes

June 29, 2012

I received a text from Hoyts Reward yesterday that I can buy movie tickets for $9! It's pretty cheap here in Dunedin. Since boyfriend went to Wellington, I thought I should fill my holidays with plan!

In the morning, I went dance practices and groceries shopping for baking - planning to make egg tart and muffins wooohooo! After that, Siew Lee and I headed to Hoyts Cinema in Octagon for Ice Age 4 premiere.

We watched it at odd hours, around 3ish pm and the whole cinema was just me and Siew Lee, and an old couples. I think my laughter and loud talk annoyed them =X

After movies, Siew Lee and I went to a "romantic" Italian dinner as a part of continuation of our Exploring Foods in Dunedin plan.
We chose to dine at Etrusco. I always wanted to try there but bf wouldn't like Italian food.
view from our table
We were there quite early but the restaurant was already 1/4 full. It was full when we left that place.
Really feels like eating overseas up here
We ordered one pizza
and one spaghetti to share. Can't remember what is the name now =X
I really liked the pizza. I thought the Spaghetti was just alright.
With flash to show the foods clearer

After dinner, Siew Lee and I walked to Embassy for karaoke! We were like some thieves standing outside the door, peeping, trying to break in LOL. The Embassy won't be open unless someone booked a room. It was after 20minutes or so of standing outside that the boss?(I think) came and open the room for us.
Liki and Siew Lee
SELCA while waiting for Kah Yenn to arrive
so passionate in singing
Liki, Kah Yenn and Siew Lee
with sweetie pie
It is really expensive to sing karaoke here, so I'd only do it once in a year. They don't provide food or drinks (except H20) and it's more expensive than Malaysia =/. Luckily Kah Yenn offered a ride to send us home or not we'll be walking in cold!

I feel like I really do something and enjoy my holiday more compared to last year. I need more holidays!! 2 weeks of semester break is so unfair!

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