Ethan's Belated Birthday Celebration

July 15, 2012

I guess this is belated post for his belated birthday haha. So, where should I start? I know Ethan since 2010, before I came to New Zealand, was one of the first friends (besides Siew Lee and Kah Yenn). I'm so happy four of us still meet up once in a while to catch up. Although each of us went separate ways, we still come back together at some point =)

So, Kah Yenn and I was so blur that we actually bought cake for Ethan from a cake shop..and thought want to surprise him but he saw us walking out from the cake shop. #PHAILED lol.

Anyway, we had dim sum at Golden Harvest to celebrate his birthday! This is gonna be the last time celebrating birthday with him because after this he graduates and don't know if still have chance to catch up with him =/

deciding what to eat
oh man my tired face

egg tarts!
cakes for Ethan
And then! He told us he didn't like cake actually. BUT THEN, birthday must eat cake one ma HEHE. Forcing him to keep it hahahaha.
So yeah, this is the four of us gathering after 9393265287349847198471 days. Jokes. LOL.
In case I haven't introduce yet, from left: Ethan, Siew Lee, Kah Yenn and Liki

Before I end this post....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN NG KIM PAO

He is so gonna kill me hahahahahaha

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