New Zealand's Got Talent 2012

July 15, 2012

Yeeehawwww! I was lucky that I managed to get FREE tickets to watch the New Zealand's Got Talent 2012 LIVE! They were having auditions in down at Reagent Theater, Octagon.

My free pass =D

I also managed to get another 2 tickets so I thought I invite two of my blogger friends since they came to Dunedin for holiday! I asked boyfriend to come along with me but he rejected me sobs.
Outside Reagent Theatre
The show for us/audition for them starts at 6pm and we already see people started queuing at 5pm!
The audition held for 3 days and today (Sunday) is the last day of the audition.
Since it's still Winter, the sun sets early. Seems like we waited here since day till night LOL
This year's Winter not that cold, hence not wearing jacket. Besides, the excitement into watching amazing talents burning in me.
Melissa and Liki
The queuing system was fast. Unlike Malaysia =P We were in the hall and seated fairly quick although it was quite a long queue
Elwyn and I were indeed excited enough :)
Oh ya we got pretty good seats. Someone even wanted to change seats with us. Too bad :P
Melissa and Liki We're not allowed to take pictures or videos of the contestant but you can always view the audition videos on TV or youtube. It was amazing! One of the best real-life show I've attended. I didn't know there were much talented people in New Zealand. Sorry, it's just me being anti-social hehe. But I really did enjoyed the show. Thanks to Elwyn and Melissa for accompanying me.

So "potong steam" to think of having classes tomorrow haha. Anyhow, on Tuesday night, we decided to have a little movie night and burger session before they leave Dunedin. Of course, I dragged boyfriend along.
Yum yum Velvet burgers
Picture of 3 of us. Boyfriend cameraman because he is shy LOLOL. And I thought like hey, they haven't tried Capers pancake yet! So I meet up with them in the morning before my class to bring them to Capers for their pancake!
I ordered pancake of the month - Tiramisu! So yummmy!!!
Last picture of 3 of us I felt so bad because I didn't really bring them around Dunedin while they were here. But then again, they traveled more places than me in New Zealand AND Dunedin. I should, one day, travel around New Zealand too! Stuck here in Dunedin studying and no money to travel pffff.

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