Morning Breakfast at Pier24

August 30, 2012

It was just a random day when I decided to ask boyfriend to take me to Pier24 at St Clair Beach. I always wanted to go Pier24 because everyone said it's a nice restaurant. Took morning bus with boyfriend to St Clair Beach :D

It is located just next to St Clair Beach. Not hard to find.
 Still remember when I first came to Dunedin, boyfriend took me to St Clair beach :)
 Pier24 is a fine dining restaurant. The service was good :)
Ordered Mocha $4.50. Not bad for the price, I think it's the same price with the coffee selling at my Uni
 Ordered set breakfast :D It was so awesome!! The pouch eggs looked so pretty and everything was perfect!!
 Western breakfast
Luckily the weather was not bad today. Cold wind but has sun :D

Boyfriend was like freezing because he only wear that thin jacket and wind was cold
Thought of having a walk by the beach after breakfast but boyfriend was complaining it was cold so we headed home then.
Beach was pretty empty. Probably because it was a Winter holiday and everyone is back to hometown. This year's Winter wasn't as cold as last year.

Anyhow, thank you boyfriend for bringing me to Pier24. He was so reluctant when I asked him to bring me there and had to beg him to bring me there, forcing him to wake up only he agreed to bring me there =.=

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