I love holidays

November 12, 2012

Hello everyone! Long time no see :) I have just finished my last exam last Saturday and I'm finally done with my second year!!! It was so torturing because everyone finishes their exam before mine even started and my exam started with two papers in a day, plus last day of University exam was my last day of exam too.

But I'm so proud I've made it T.T OMG time flies T.T I'm a free women now (at least for the Summer).

Tried to blog these few days but the internet keep failing me FML. I ended up sleeping, shopping and packing........BECAUSE I'M COMING BACK TO MALAYSIA!!!! This is so exciting!! I think I better plan my holiday properly this time because last year I pretty much wasted most of my time.

I heard that Muji is opening soon in Malaysia, I haven't visited H&M yet and MORE SHOPPING! Not forgetting, of course, free sauna.


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