MFACT DVD Launch and Life of Pi Premiere

November 22, 2012

Within a week since I am back from New Zealand, I was fortunate to be invited to attend the launch Malaysian Federation Against Copyright Theft (MFACT) DVD by Minister of Higher Education and Premiere of Life of Pi!! Thanks to Elwyn for bringing me as his partner :)

We were early birds that day and were welcomed by the staff there, offering us foods!! =D

Visitor pass that we had to wear throughout the event
Bloggers who went: TianChad, Elwyn, Merryn, Daniel, Sue Ann, Liki and little Ethan =D
We were not allowed to take picture of the slides then but have you heard before Rhythm and Hues? Did you know that the movie Life of Pi has Malaysian fingerprints on it? =D

Go check out Rhythm and Hues website and their Facebook page to find out more!

After introduction and Q&A session, we tour around Rhythm and Hues office. By the way, it's located at Cyberjaya.
Looks like a marae for me lol.
Sand art
Since workers would faced computers the whole day, the office environment was decorated nicely so they would feel comfortable working in such environment. Also, each department has their own designs!
 Specially designed air conditioned room to cool down hardware
One of the conference room
 They call this the "dragon room"
Trainers' room, everyone started their journey at Rhythm and Hues here
Us with the crews involved in "Life of Pi"
 Last group picture of us before leaving!!
Had a pair of Life of Pi tickets but I can't make it because it's my father's birthday on that day! But I will pay to watch this movie because everyone said it's awesome!!!

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