Snow in Dunedin

May 28, 2013

Of all days, it just started snowing in Dunedin. I don't even remember that it was winter yet, but the temperature just dropped to 0.5 degree that day.

Woke up to this in the morning. Supposedly was preparing myself to attend a morning class which was then cancelled due to snow. HOOORAY, it means that I can go out and play with snow!
Seems pretty calm for a bit
So I tried to measure the thickness of the snow, which obviously failed because some of the snow melted..
but it started hailing and fluffy thick snow is falling from the sky again!!
So I decided to selca in the snow, with my morning face and snow on my hair :D I even tried to open my mouth and eat the snow sshhhh, the kid next door saw me.
ahhhh, Dunedin, you look so pretty. Anyway, if you're wondering why no one is on the street, I guess because it was early morning and most classes were cancelled. In addition, exam was around the corner.
So prettyyyyy. I'm just gonna repeat it thousand of times.
It is really dangerous to drive in the snow if you are inexperienced, and without chain on tyre
I wished it was flaky snow instead of...I don't know what it is called.
Mixture of rain and snow...
And it was misty day

Didn't get to make snowman that day because no one was home. I wished boyfriend would make snowman with me but he really hated snow and he thinks that making snowman is only for children. Nah, exam is around the corner, that's why. SAD. Well, there is a possibility that it will snow today, so let's hope it will snow and I will make sure that I make a snowman and post the photos up here in my blog! Weeeeee!!

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