Spending time with Hippy

January 28, 2014

When I am back in Kuala Lumpur, I always wanted to go eat, shopping, and more importantly to hang out with my friends. However, every time I came back for holiday, my friends are either working already or studying overseas. I wanted to eat nice food but travelling everywhere requires car (and this is the major problem). Just when I have the chance to drive, stuck in the jam and parking is another pain in the ass. Not to mentioned that CNY is coming and the road is full with cars out of nowhere!! ARGH, this annoys me a lot!! I am sure other people felt the same way as I am so there is not point complaining myself.

This situation has forced me to stay at home a lot. I am happy that I get to spend a lot of time with Hippy after having a long distance relationship with him.
Hippy stayed in pet hotel when my family came for my graduation. There, he was infected with fungus and ear mites. It was really sad to see this poor fella suffering, but worry not because he has fully recovered, though I don't know why the part of skin that were infected with fungus has turned dark.

I love my Hippy a lot. Hippy is always there for me and I always hope that I could do the same. What I can do best it to spend more time with him before leaving again. Huhu.

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