Back in Malaysia

June 06, 2014

Hello bolehland, I am back!! It feels so good to be back home. I get to escape Winter, and spend some time with my family. I don't usually come back Malaysia during mid-semester break but it was special case this time. Also I have 5 weeks holiday (while others having exam, good luck!), so coming back was alright afterall!

I finished my exam on Friday, and I flew the next day!! I can't believe how I managed to packed and settle everything in one night. I did it anyway! Kuddos for not forgetting to bring stuff back.

It was a smooth flight. I can say, one of the smoothest flight I have been on. Though, one thing I regret was not having any movies/games in my laptop or phone. I deleted all from my gadgets due to exam and didn't have time to reinstall it. The long-hour of flight was boring. I just tried to sleep and talk to the Taiwanese girl next to me. Reminder to myself, not to ever to do it again!!

Surprisingly, Malaysia was not as hot. I guess because usually it's during Chinese New Year when I'm back, which considered to be the hottest weather ever. Now, I just have to eat all the Malaysian food!!

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