Pokemon Hype

July 16, 2016

Hello hello!

I have been trying to make time to edit my blog template and all, and it's not working as I want it to be.

Looks like I might need to look for some help. Or more time to figure it out!

Anyway, anyone out there is playing the Pokemon Go? If you're not, time to get one to try! It is going viral and I can see why people are hooked to playing this game.

I really like the idea that they make people walk and to explore new places. More importantly, it actually brings the community together! Just today, there was a Pokemon event in the city! There was Pokemon music playing in the background and everyone was there to catch pokemon. It sounded crazy I know! My friends attended, but I couldn't make it because I have things to do.

Everywhere I go, I see people catching Pokemon! It's insane!

However, the server can be slow and unstable. My friend loses all her Pokemon and had to start from level 1 again. I found a rare Pokemon but the server went down and I lost it! Also, it drains my phone battery really fast.

Anyone experienced something similar?

I don't play it as much as others do, but I guess it's something for me to do when I'm bored!

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