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I could stare at the screen for hours just to think about how to start writing about myself.


I am Li Kee. My friends also called me Liki (a shorter version). Since 2007, I have been blogging about the interesting fragments of my life. It all started back in high school, when my friends and I were talking about keeping track about life. Once we all graduated, we will all be in different places around the world, having a life path that belongs to you. Therefore, what is more convenient and accessable than to keep an “online journal”?

That is how I got here.

Through blogging, I have seen myself growing up and also allow me to look back at all the experiences that I encounter along the way, which makes me who I am today.

Here are some facts about me that you might be interested in:

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  • I am the Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of October 2011. Link here
Chee Li Kee 2
  • Modelling is part of my life. Besides that, I sing, dance and play piano too.
  • New Zealand is my second home.

  • In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition (major), Food Service (minor)
Master of Dietetics
  • In 2016, I graduated with a Master of Dietetics.
In my life journey, I learned not to underestimate the difference one can make in the lives of others. With that in mind, I hope that I can step forward, reach out and help people with the experience and challenges faced in my life.

Welcome to my site! I hope you will find inspiration and enjoyment in your life too.

Li Kee

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